International Adventures

Our International Adventure Courses are for those who want to travel to some of the World's most dramatic environments, these trips are holidays that combine exploration of the outdoors with photography guidance along the way.
These adventures will involve hiking, climbing, skiing (or even a camel ride!), so that we can deeper immerse ourselves in our environment.
These expeditions give you expert photographic mentoring in the field on a real adventure. No past photographic experience is needed. Just a passion for seeing the world through a different lens.
During the trip, time is allowed for 'one to one’ mentoring, as well as group sessions, at the end of each day there is a photographic discussion, where our images from the day are discussed amongst our group.
Each day we will give you a ‘photo assignment’ to help challenge and develop your photographic skills, enabling you to create "postcards of your adventure" rather than holiday snaps!  
As well as taking photographs, we will be exploring the locations by learning about the geology and flora and fauna of the regions as well and where appropriate, the historic and cultural ancestory that make these locations extra special.  

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