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If you want more information we are always happy to help.

Q:What level of fitness do I need for your courses and trips ?

All our courses and trips are outdoor based. This may involve long days exposed to the elements, from wind, cold, rain and even sun !

They are similar to a good day on the hills, but interspersed with frequent photographic opportunities and guidance. You will be required to walk to locations and possibly scarmble as well. Our longer photographic adventure courses are by default similar, but are more physically challenging as may include more hiking, climbing and even cross country skiing!. If you have any doubt, we love to chat to you, so give us a call.

Q:Do I need specialist clothing?

As all of our courses and trips are by mainly outdoor based, suitable clothing and equipment is needed. Especially as there are longer periods stood still for photographic opportunities and guidance. We will send you a detailed kit list relevantg to your trip upon booking.

Q:Are the courses and trips suitable for disabled participants?

We love to accommodate all passionate photographers, but the nature of being outdoors especially on mountain terrain may be restrictive. However, we can only advise on a case by case basis and of course the decision is yours whether or not the trip is suitable for your needs and requirements.

Q:Can children come ?

Unfortunately we can not accommodate children. However 16 to 17 year olds are welcome with an appropriate supervising adult.

Q:Do I need to have my own photographic equipment?

It’s best if you bring your own kit with a digital camera, preferably one that can shoot manually (M Mode). The camera should also be able to accommodate interchangeable lenses. In this case we suggest lenses of around 24 to 110mm range.

A good sturdy tripod is also a must, but don't worry as we have a range of Manfrotto Tripods that we hire out.

Q:Do I need any past photographic experience ?

Our beginners trips are aimed a complete novices, the intermediate course are aimed at those with more knowledge. To get the most of our International Trips an intermediate understanding of photography is advantageous.

Q:Will I need insurance ?

We suggest that all overseas travellers get their own Travel Insurance Cover.

Q:Are you responsible for any loss or damage to my equipment ?

You are responsible for your kit. 

Q:What if I cancel ?

No refunds are given for cancelations. However we can transfer the value onto another course or date or gifted to another name. There is no charge for this.

Q:What if Adventurelands cancels the trip or course ?

We will offer a full refund or alternative of the same value.

Q:What are your payment terms ?

We require full payment upon booking. We will then send you a confirmation email within 48 hours of receiving the payment.

Q:What else do you send me once the booking is confirmed ?

You will receive our full course itiniery  and joining instructions.

Q:Can I get an invoice?

Yes of course. Just let us know and we will email a PDF Invoice to you.

Q:Do you have gift vouchers available ?

Yes we do. We can either offer a whole experience or an amount of your choice.

Q:What are the group sizes?

The group is normally not more than eight students per instructor.

Q:Do you ever change the itinerary without notice?

We try not to. It makes life easier for all. But in some circumstances we may need to for bad weather or alterations made by a third party etc. In which case we will always keep you informed. In such events we cannot refund any part of your trip.

Q:Are all the courses or trips with Phil as our instructor ?

Most are but not always. This depends on class size and other commitments. But rest assured if its not Phil then its with someone who we trust and worked extensively with us ..

Q:Is Adventurelands a registered company ?

Adventurelands Photography is a Trading name of VentureField Ltd, registered in England & Wales. 

Q:Is Adventurelands insured ?

We have a public liability cover.

Q:Will Adventurelands Photography use my images taken during a course or expedition. 

During your experience with us we collect all your images on our database. From “time to time” we  may use your images to provide us with further teaching aids and for communication and marketing purposes. If we use any of your images for communication and marketing usage we will of course credit you. 

Q:Will you be able to show me how to use every menu, button and dial on my camera?

We know a lot about cameras, but with such a saturated market with so many new models and variants with constant firmware and software updates. It's almost impossible to keep up. We will ask you in advance what camera you will be bringing and if you have any specific questions. However, our mission is to give you to the core photographic tools that will apply for a lifetime of creativity


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