Photographic Expeditions & Adventures

Our 'Photographic Adventure Courses' combines both our 'Basic' and 'Advanced' couses together, giving you every element necessary for you to master your camera. Allowing you to turn your ‘holiday snapshots’ into ‘postcards' of your adventures, whatever they may be.
These expeditions gives you professional mentoring in the field on a real adventure. No past photographic experience is needed. Just a passion for seeing the world through a different lens. Immersing yourself in the nature and landscapes to which we take you.
During the expedition, time is allowed for 'one to one’ mentoring. As well as group sessions not only daily on the adventure, but at the end of each day there is a photographic workshop at camp, where the days stills are displayed and reviewed.
In addition, each day we will give you an extra ‘photo assignment’. Mastering Long Exposure, Macro and High-Speed. For the ultimate photographic experience. 
Our adventures are not only suited for complete novices, but also someone who wants to take their photography to a whole different professional level. From landscape, people to wildlife. Our adventure course is the one for you. 
As on all of our 'Master Classes' it really helps to have an understanding of the subject matter. So to give you that extra layer we will be exploring the geology and flora and fauna of the regions we visit and where appropriate, the historic and cultural ancestory that make these locations extra special.  

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