1 Day Workshops

At Adventurelands Photography we offer you are unique ‘1 Day Landscape Experience’. We run these courses in The North Downs in Surrey, only 20 miles and half an hour on the train from London!
So, if you find yourself on a short break in the South East or live in London and want to improve your own photography, then come with us!
As on all of our adventures, we will take you to many vantage points and suggest ways to take stunning images. As well as give you some fascinating and relevant facts about what your seeing as we immerse ourselves in the Landscape. 
During our time with us we will give you all the tools and knowledge to shoot both technically and creatively in the beautiful environment of The Surrey Hills. Of course these skills apply across the whole spectrum of photography and will prep you for your next adventure, whatever it may be!
We pick you up from Guildford Station and the agreed time and head out in our Land River into the North Downs., where we will be based in one of the local villages before spending the rest of the day out walkng and photographing in the field.


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