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the creative & the science

Photography is a game of two halves. The story, the emotion and the creative. Versus the tech, the buttons and the science. These two halves are very much intertwined, but easily explained and revield

Photography is part of a family where the craft uses both parts of the brain. The Creative and The Science. These marry well together. When you have mastered this, your photos become part of a living archive. They become apart of history.

Our friendly courses are designed to give you the tools to fully understand both worlds. The Creative and the Scientific.

By the time you leave us you will not only have an eye for a story, but have a deeper understanding of all the menus, buttons and dials that separate your camera from your phone. Taking control of your photography and opening up the world around you. Unlocking its secrets.

 a deeper understanding

To really understand photography it helps to have an understanding of the subject matter.

So on all of our Master Classes not only will you learn all about your camera and its workings, but we will give you that extra layer of knowledge. Exploring the Geology, Flora and Fauna of the regions we visit, and where appropriate the Historic and Cultural side of the regions too.

our mission

We believe that those who have a passion for photography should do all they can to help nurture and steward a deeper understanding and respect for our natural world. Using the power of their images to engage and encourage others to follow suit.

For us photography should never be intrusive nor disrespectful.

Respect and consideration of the subject, should be held above all. 

Phil Banfield 

Adventurelands Photography is led by Phil. With a simple mission to share his passions for the great outdoors and photography with others, who too want to 'explore' the world, with a camera in hand.



I have always absolutely loved The Great Outdoors, and always had a camera close by, I took a Degree in Geology when I was able to explore beautiful places across the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa. 



My love of adventure and the outdoors led to me pursuing lots of outdoor activities, including kayaking, skiing, adventure racing and cycling.

This combination travelling and photography has taken me to some amazing places to capture some stunning images and to win prizes several photography competitions, including runner up in The Sunday Times “Love Nature” competition.

Photography and the outdoors are my passions, and I love passing on my experience, knowledge and passion to others who also want to capture dramatic and awe inspiring images.

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